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You can open your Analog.Cafe account with just one click. It’s free and it gives you access to a few special member priveledges:


Certain guides, like this one, could take an hour to read. Some references require printing to be useful. Analog.Cafe’s dedicated Links & Downloads section lists custom-build, downloadable PDFs for your convenience.

Film photography email newsletters.

Today, analogue photography is a growing, evolving community of manufacturers and creatives. New products are released monthly, and sadly, some are occasionally discontinued. Community Letters is a series of monthly updates where I introduce the news and chat about the state of our creative niche in-general. In response to the glowing reader feedback, I am sending these updates to all new members.

You can manage your subscription to Community Letters and other lists via the Profile and Settings page and unsubscribe links.


If there’s something that you’d like to read later, you can Bookmark it with a click. Links and downloads are bookmark-able too. Bookmarks are searchable and you can access them on any device.


Should you like to have your work reviewed and featured on Analog.Cafe, there’s an easy way to get going. The Composer App is a powerful editing tool that lets you upload and arrange your images, bold, and italicize your text, add links, create headings, and more.

Suggestions? Questions? Email me.

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