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On Analog.Cafe, you can do a little more than with a typical art-inclined blog. Here you get to own an account that comes with a few perks.


If you’re interested in getting deals on film, printed publications, cameras, and more, there’s always something special waiting for you at the Shop.


Certain guides, like this one, could take an hour to read. Some references require printing to be useful. To make things a little more convenient for you, Analog.Cafe now has a dedicated Links & Downloads section where you can grab your PDFs for free. Your account gives you full access to get whatever, whenever you need.


If there’s something that you’d like to read later, you can Bookmark it with a click. Links and downloads are bookmark-able too.


Should you like to have your work reviewed and featured on Analog.Cafe, there’s an easy way to get going. The Composer App is a powerful editing tool that lets you see the content exactly how it would appear when published as you type. The app enables you to upload images directly into the body of your submission text. You can also add font styles, headings, fancy quotes, and links. Anything that you see in this article, you can do with the Composer App.

Community Letters.

Film photography, the same as art and technology, changes quickly. Every month there are announcements, launches, exhibitions, events, and discoveries.

The monthly Analog.Cafe Community Letters are published every last Tuesday, where I summarize all the latest in the creative world and its technicalities. Stay in the loop!

Every contributing author on Analog.Cafe receives a personal profile space with a mini-bio and a magic link (example). Magic links transform boring web addresses into actionable buttons that the readers can interact with in a variety of ways.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, 500px, and YouTube links will make buttons that look like “Find Me On Twitter”. Email addresses will get converted to a format that’s harder for bots to scrape and make buttons that spell “Email Me”. If you’ve got an Etsy store, you can promote it with a button that spells “Visit My Etsy Shop”. And if you got a Ko-Fi or account, they’ll spell “Buy Me a Coffee”.

Coffee links will get an additional boost on all your published articles with a prominent button at the bottom of the screen and a poster below the post. You can learn more about the “coffee” services on their respective websites: and

Even if you haven’t published anything on Analog.Cafe, you still get to have a profile that you can share with the world.

Suggestions? Questions? Email me.

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