Analog.Cafe Web App

A Better Reading Experience on Small Devices and Offline Features

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Did you know that you can save Analog.Cafe to your iOS and Android home screen as a web app?

Just tap on the share button at the bottom and select “Add to Home Screen” on iOS. On Android, you’ll need to tap the three dots next to the URL bar. You can even do this on your desktop.

Unlike the apps you get at the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace, Analog.Cafe web app will take up almost no space on your device, and it will still work when you’re offline*.

Analog.Cafe web app loads faster than a tab on your browser. It’ll have more screen space to display photos and interactive features. And it’ll keep you signed-in for longer so that you can keep using tools like Film Log without hindrance.

Analog.Cafe web app is free and requires no account. There are no ads and no shady tracking. You may also sign up for an even better experience (high-res photos, exclusive content) and support this project.

✱ — The “offline” feature is in the beta development stage. It may not work 100% of the time.

What is a web app or PWA?

Web apps (or Progressive Web Apps, PWAs) are websites built using technology that allows them to behave like regular apps. There are some limits to what these apps can accomplish — but for the most part, web apps are as capable as their native counterparts.

Web apps also do not bind their authors by Apple and Android terms, which include hefty fees and an approval process for the publisher. This is part of the reason Apple has come under fire this week for their attempt to kill web apps on iOS devices in the EU.

Thankfully, Apple decided not to remove web app support after all.

More Analog.Cafe web app features.

A good web app experience isn’t easy to build, but the possibilities are grand. If there’s enough interest, I may add mobile notifications, better offline support, camera apps, and more web-app-only experiences to Analog.Cafe. Please let me know in the comments if you have any thoughts or wishes.