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How to use Sunny 16 Calculator.

The basics:

Guessing light is easy with the Sunny 16 rule. Sunny 16 rule states that under full sun, correct exposure is set by dialling your shutter speed to approximately 1/ISO and aperture at 𝒇16.

Sunny 16 Calculator simplifies the mental math needed to calculate correct exposures if you don’t want to use 𝒇16 for everything, want to change your shutter speed, or if the light conditions have changed.

Here’s how to use it:

1) Set your film ISO.

3) Now, you can cycle through different aperture and shutter speed settings while the app keeps your ISO and exposure estimate constant.

4) If your light changes, update your exposure estimate. Your camera settings will update accordingly.

Sunny 16 Calculator works in shutter priority which means that changing your film ISO or exposure will change your aperture setting first (while keeping shutter speed the same). If a correct exposure can not be calculated within the min/max aperture limits, your shutter speed will be changed next.

An app for film photographers.

Sunny 16 Calculator is designed specifically with film photographers in mind. Its ISO values will never be affected by camera settings. ISO and shutter speed values are selected based on common film speed and mechanical shutter limitations.

The photographs illustrating various light conditions are taken around British Columbia’s beautiful mountain forests. The short descriptions that follow them use various locations you may find around your local park.

Exposure estimates include Sunny 16 values, EV (at ISO 100), and stops below or above the Sunny 16.