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Track your film with Film Log.

Film Log is a free app that lets you effortlessly keep a record of your film as it gets cycled through your cameras, labs, and archives.

If you’ve ever wondered which film you had left in your camera, whether you meant to push/pull process it or over-expose it — this app is for you.

Film Log lets you quickly jot down your film and camera notes once. This record syncs across all your devices, available whenever you need it. You can also mark your film as “Done Shooting,” “In Development,” and “Scanned / Archived” and edit your entries at any time.

Film Log only takes a few seconds per roll; it’s very simple to use, and it syncs logs across devices.

Once you add a new entry, move it to any other section or click anywhere on the web page, the records are saved.

You can also add and edit notes for each roll, including your film’s workflow history.