Kodak Gold vs. ColorPlus

Side-by-Side Comparison

13 min read by Dmitri, with image(s) by Daren.
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Kodak Gold and Kodak ColorPlus differ in pricing, availability, and box design. But given that they are both “budget” ISO 200 emulsions in Kodak’s line-up of films, I struggled to understand what the differences are when it comes to the results.

To figure this out once and for all, I teamed up with Daren from LearnFilm.Photography. We performed a series of real-world tests in his Hasselblad 500CM to control for lens, perspective, and exposure inconsistencies seen in others’ comparisons.

Having done all that (described in further detail below), we concluded that there’s no major difference between the two emulsions.

Gold and ColorPlus’ grain looks identical at 10K DPI, and so do many other properties. There are slight changes in how those films render colours — though they aren’t nearly as clear as the Kodak marketing or the internet lore would suggest.

In this article, I review the results of our experiments and share some practical advice for those stuck deciding between the two films — or any two films.

Watch Daren’s YouTube video comparing those films here or below.