#editorial for April 2, 2024#editorial for April 2, 2024

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  • Crown + Flint is an iOS and Android app for generating EXIF data and keeping detailed notes while making exposures on film.

    If you’d like to store the camera, film/ISO, lens, shutter speed, aperture, date, location data, and photos, this app can help you get there. This is comparable to the kind of data that digital cameras will embed for you automatically (something that film generally can not do).

    Crown + Flint uses automation to help you pre-fill well-known cameras, films, lenses, and date/location data. However, you’ll still need to fill out the rest by hand for each shot and whenever you load new film. You’ll also need to take an additional photo on your mobile device as a reference for your film frame.

    The app launched back in Sept 2023; this April, it brings a fourth app update with bugfixes and additional features (see the complete list here: crownandflint.com/press/20…)

    Crown + Flint is free to try (you can store data for five frames) and $24.99 for unlimited use.

    🍏 apps.apple.com/app/crown-f…

    🤖 play.google.com/store/apps…

    I would be amiss not to mention a free Analog.Cafe app, Film Log here as well (analog.cafe/app/film-log).

    Film Log works on all devices and stores the essential information about your film and camera. It’s made to help keep track of your emulsions and equipment while freeing you up to shoot film independently.


  • and there is a lightroom plugin for adding this data into your files: