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  • Yashica T5/Kyocera T-Proof Camera Review

    How did you find the lens compared to other well regarded point and shoots? This is supposed to be the main selling point of the T4/T5. Is it really a step above models like the big mini or the mju ii or is it more or less in the same ballpark?

  • In terms of sharpness, Yashica T*s are very close to the other cameras you’ve mentioned. Big minis tend to under-expose slightly and add some vignetting in certain situations, which you may or may not like (Yashica T4/T5 does not do that). Mjus are more prone to autofocus issues.

    So if the lens was the only factor I cared about, I’d choose Yashica T*. But it’s not a hands-down all-hail type of a difference.

    The best lens on a point-and-shoot for me is on Minolta TC-1; it is hands-down, all-hail type of a glass (even though it tends to show strong vignetting in some cases). But it’s at least 2x the price of any of the above.….