Use Your Flash

3 min read by Emil Raji.
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Flash photography I think is misunderstood, too many are confined to the perceived limitations of its use. I think flash can just be as important in making an image as focal length, aperture, shutter speed, or even framing itself. There’s no need to feel confined to its intended purpose; keeping ISO low, adding light in dark situations. Why not try using your flash and camera upside down? Or why not keep your flash on low but with your ISO high to level out an otherwise high contrast image?

The truth is that there are endless of possibilities with flash photography and there aren’t really any rules at all. This is especially true with an off-camera flash but you don’t even need that. All the photos posted here were shot on Ricoh GR point-and-shoot. Mostly with the built-in flash.

Upside down.

Into rain, water, snow.

Foreground to background separation/unity.

Overexposing Subjects.