Streets of Solitude

Photos From the Bordering Triangle of Germany, France, and Switzerland

5 min read by Michael Nguyen.

Some may say that streets are social and lively — perhaps, but they are also places of broken dreams, empty selves, and collective solitude.

Taken at the bordering triangle of Germany, France, and Switzerland, these images expose the cityscapes’ gloomy, bleak facade. Empty benches on the sidewalks, a tired bicycle, walls, covered with barbed wire. The people, sitting, walking do not add life to the streets, except for children, with their dreams and hopes, oblivious of the future.

In the 1980s and 1990s, I was a journalist, poet, photographer, cultural organizer and bookseller. After almost two decades, I found my way back to art in the dark times of my life in early 2018.