Analog Iran

The Changing Face of Young Iran

4 min read by Ali MC.
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In 2019, I spent four weeks travelling through the fascinating country that is Iran. I shot over 30 rolls of black and white 35mm film, documenting Iranian people’s everyday lives. The result is a collection titled “Analog Iran.”

This particular short series reflects the changing face of young Iran. While Iran is ostensibly an Islamic theocracy, with strict laws around the wearing of the hijab, and where alcohol and even dancing are forbidden, young Iranian people are forging their own lives, navigating the old and new.

Traditional relationships are being challenged. Mobile phones mean greater connectivity with the rest of the world. Hipster cafes are opening up in the cities. Tattoos are inscribing the new face of Iran.

The complete collection, consisting of 150 shots, can be viewed on my Instagram profile. You may also register for a presentation talk, which I will be doing in late August 2020, on my website.