Nike SB X Polaroid Shoes

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Nike SB X Polaroid shoes are limited-edition kicks made by the best-known sneaker company with skateboarders in mind and the famous instant film branding.

These shoes have long sold out, but plenty of pairs can still be found on the second-hand marketplace — which is where I got mine.

My three obsessions.

While these kicks aren’t a piece of photo gear you’d typically read me blog about here, they are at the intersection of my three life’s obsessions: shoes, skateboarding, and film photography.

Sometime in 2002.

Shoes are only a mild interest of mine these days, but it’s still there. Ever since my first “real” job at the mall, I’ve hung out with people who had hundreds of pairs in their collection and paid attention to famous people talking about theirs. My favourite type has always been sneakers as they are usually comfortable, look good with most attire, and are versatile enough to be a hiking or an athletic shoe in a pinch.

I generally try not to collect too many pieces of anything. Even when it comes to film cameras, I sell nearly as many as I buy. But I double up on the items I like. This keeps them in their best condition for longer as I split the wear — which is especially true for shoes.

Around the same time I had that job (in my late teens), I was obsessing over becoming better at skateboarding. On the deck every day, dripping sweat and forever-sprained ankles.

Some of the best skateboarding I’ve seen happened inches away from my face when I filmed a friend for his sponsorship bid. The camera I used for this video eventually led me down the path of obsession with still photography.

Nike SB X Polaroid shoes.

Nike SB X Polaroid is the fanciest pair of sneakers I own.

They came with a large selection of laces (all of the “Polaroid rainbow” colours) and a stitched-in tri-coloured Nike logo. I like the nice touch of an embossed Polaroid frame near the heel. There’s also a stiched-in rainbow strip at the base of the lace loops, and the insole continues with the theme.

The top is suede black leather, whereas the heel is white leather and the sole is white.

Nike SB X Polaroid shoes fresh out of the (used) box.

These shoes are not like Airforce or Air Jordan for those familiar with the brand’s popular sneaker lines. They have much thicker sides and a very thick tongue — which is a classic choice for skaters that makes the landings a little easier. The laces are also quite thick.

I love how they coloured these shoes. They are flashy yet perfectly suitable for most outerwear (save a formal suit). This can be enhanced by lacing them up with the colour that matches the outfit best. But I found the SBs a little less comfortable than the Airforces and the Jordans: it’s the tongue. If you’re looking to get a pair, I recommend going ½-size larger (unless you wear skate shoes a lot).

These days, I don’t skate, but even if I did, I would save these shoes from the grip tape. They are too pretty for that.

How much do Nike SB X Polaroid shoes cost, and where to buy them.

These shoes were released as limited editions as a collaboration between the two well-known brands. Thankfully, they are still priced relatively affordably. As of this writing, they generally sell under $150 on the second-hand market.

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