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  • Scanning 35mm Film With PrimeFilm XAs

    A great write-up Dmitri. Interesting to hear of your recent data transfer issues — My RPS 10M (Same scanner?) has started encountering similar issues.

    Was the inverted version you’ve posted created using your preferred tool? Silverfast HDR 8 can do a decent job (See attached) but I have to agree with you on the UI.

  • Thanks! I haven’t had any data transfer issues since (I’m still using the same scanner!) but I have a strange issue that causes my XAs to reverse scanning order every other strip I insert. It’s very odd but the image quality is the same and I’m determined to use it until it gives up.

    I’ve been inverting all my negatives using this method (I’ve developed an automated tool that does most of the work for me):…. This is mostly so that I get full control over the process; it’s particularly helpful for scanning films like Aerocolor IV that have a clear base.