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  • The Best Resolution (DPI) for Scanning Film

    i want positive film (like movie film). i want to make view master reels. my own reels. can you give me idea.

  • Hi Nageswararo,

    I’m not an expert on moving picture film but as far as I know, there are three ways of doing this:

    1) Shoot and develop a positive. For colour, you can use Ektachrome E100 — which is an excellent film that’s been recently revived and is produced new. I have a review of it here:…

    You will need to develop your Ektachrome in E-6 chemistry. You can also develop some black and white films as a positive (a different process) — but that depends on the lab and whether that film has a clear enough base.

    2) Shoot negative, scan, then transfer to positive film. This may be expensive. Essentially, you’ll shoot, develop, scan, edit, and then use a machine that can transfer your digital images onto positive film and then develop that. This method also gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to image quality, effects, etc. Some modern Hollywood films are made this way.

    3) Shoot negative and then directly transfer to positive. Essentially, it’ll be your developed negatives that will be projected on suitable emulsion using a machine. I know the least about this method other than it’s common in the industry.

    I hope this helps!