Climate Strike Vancouver

Friday, September 27 2019

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Last photo: Cambie Bridge filled with a large crowd, marching towards downtown Vancouver.

The well-being of our environment is extremely complex.

Human activity results in numerous intertwined chains of effects that affect everything around. The world’s scientific community agrees that, overall, we are warming our climate and continue to impact our essential resources for future survival negatively.

Organized by Greta Thunberg, “Climate Strike” protests are growing in popularity worldwide thanks to the simple, evidence-based message: we aren’t doing enough to prevent the looming ecological disaster.

The large crowd that gathered in Vancouver on September 27, 2019, brought a message of urgency and a reminder that our collective well-being depends on swift and aggressive action to counter climate change.

The march consisted of a large crowd of students, parents, city employees, and residents. The atmosphere was friendly and non-threatening.

The event was cleverly planned on the noon of the upcoming elections, having received endorsements from politicians attempting to capitalize on popular trends. Including the sitting prime minister, who had famously joined the march despite being widely criticized for an inconsistent environmental policy that, amongst other things, advocates for a large oil pipeline project, Keystone XL.