Climate Strike Vancouver

Friday, September 27 2019

5 min read by Dmitri.
Last photo (monochrome): all traffic lines of Cambie Bridge are filled with a crowd, marching towards downtown Vancouver.

The well-being of our environment is extremely complex.

Human activity results in the numerous intertwined, complicated chains of effects which affect everything around. The world’s scientific community agrees that, overall, we are warming our climate and continue to impact our essential resources for future survival negatively.

Us vs us.

Greta Thunberg is a Swedish teenager who leads many of the “Climate Strike” protests; she has also addressed several governing bodies around the world with her message. In her view, humans are not doing enough to prevent the imminent and dangerous levels of environmental degradation.

Even though the message is simple and with a straightforward call to action, it is often disputed, protested, and ridiculed.

Despite the evidence, climate change predictions can still be considered dismissable by many. Because our societies have enormous cultural and economic investments in the resources that our environment provides, its demise is an assault on many aspects of our daily and future lives. Offsetting our impact is understood as having to give up habits and possessions. Many find this unacceptable or impossible.

As the evidence of the environmental deterioration is growing, Greta’s people take to the streets to demonstrate their concerns, impatience, and hope.

I have made an effort to preserve the privacy of minors in these photographs.

The march consisted of a large crowd of mostly students and their parents behaving in a civilized, respectful, and friendly way. The general feeling I got from this event was that of a relief. The sheer number of people on the streets is a showcase of the decreasing apathy.

No doubt that this demonstration of citizens’ concern will not be the last, as we are no closer to a satisfactory solution. Canada’s climate is warming at a faster rate than the rest of the planet, and we are one of the top producers of greenhouse gases per capita in the world.

So far, the issue seems to have transcended the political camps, just before the elections. All four primary Canadian parties list (via National Post) “green” initiatives in their charters:

The Conservatives’ promises being the scarcest while still “Committed to reducing Canada’s emissions by 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030.” NDP is to spend additional 1.5Bn on environmental initiatives. Liberals promise 350M and updates to government policies. The Green Party brings forward a billion per year on community-driven programs and suggests a new carbon taxation market.