A Trip Along the Coast

3 min read by Seb's.
Càdiz, 2016.

The colour, the aroma, the silence. If I were to pick three elements of the sea, I would choose these.

For me, the sea is life itself.

One born by the sea takes it with them wherever they go.

The taste. That incredible combination of freshness and saltiness, it never ceases to take me back. Back to Venice, where I was born. A city soaked to its core in that unmistakeable scent.

The sea.

Her sound of crashing waves soothes me.

Her kind of sublime silence.

The chaos of the city, a distant memory.

Her blue hues, connect me with nature.

Finally, I breathe. I sense freedom.

I know, every encounter with her is yet another journey home.

Cabo de Gata, 2019.
Aguadulces , 2019
Conil de la Frontera, 2018
Napoli, 2017
Almeria, 2019