Vancouver — an Urban Street View

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Street photography.

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I’ve had an interest in urban street photography for some time now. It doesn’t pay the bills; for me, it is “for the love of it” kind of pursuit.

I shoot what I see. There are no visual or aesthetic goals. It’s just what leaps out and grabs me at the time. It can be the simplest of subject matters. A splash of colour, some movement, people, or just a simple shot that conveys a story that caught my eye. If you look hard enough, you’ll always find a shot somewhere.

I travelled to Vancouver last Christmas, having found it urbanized, modern, with some interesting areas to explore and walk around safely.

Having been to places that have a different attitude towards people with cameras, I’ve grown to expect difficulties while travelling to a major city of which I know little about. In Marrakesh, I’ve learned, raising a camera in the direction of the general Middle Eastern public may often require payment.

My recollection of the Marrakesh trip, along with personal advice, could be found in the article on my blog, Marrakech: a photographers guide.


Vancouver — an Urban Street View.

Shooting in Vancouver was a dream, even though it rained most of the time.

I chose to stay within the street/urban environment when it wasn’t too crowded, usually in the early mornings, when I could move about a little more discretely and blend into the surrounding areas.

Note: All of the enclosed images were shot on my Hassy 500 C/M and my Leica M6. My film stock of choice was Provia and Ektar and, as usual, all expired.

dark, rainy and wet
todays offers
shallow rain
real choice, real food
not so secret now
mixed colour
free, menu, thank you