Abandoned ADK

4 min read by Zeno Gill.

These photographs were the first images I shot with my late-1960s Rolleiflex soon after I acquired it. My family frequently vacations in the Adirondacks of Upstate New York, so one weekend, I brought the camera with me with the goal of shooting a full roll. Instead of opting for nature photography, I wanted to find a subject that reflected the relationship we modern humans have with this beautiful area. I hopped in a car with the camera and drove north on a small highway. It wasn’t long before I spotted a small abandoned cabin resort. It was perfect.

Refrigerator, perhaps.
Kids? Birds?
Love Shack, I suppose.
A neglected entrance.
A table that must be hardier than it appears.
Nature vs asphalt. I’m rooting for nature.
Lonely cylinder.
No trespassing. Well, just a little.
Back porch sinking.
It must be a sign.
Missed the focus, but love the mood.