The Gift of Solitude

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Even in Crowds, There is Solitude. Canon A1, Fomapan 400.

In solitude, I am still. The harmony of life wills me into reflection, mindfulness, creativity. The warm embrace of being alone frees the thoughts to follow no patterns defined by peers.

Solitude is my refuge from despair and anxiety. Stubborn, dark feelings fade with the buzz of communal life, easing their grip on my meandering mind.

A Window To One’s Thoughts. Kodak Tri-X, Nikon F3 HP.

All the hidden consolations, life’s little gifts, reveal themselves when I’m unaccompanied, with my camera. Quietly, the mundane turns remarkable, fuelling my heart to speak, loudly, as I steal a single moment of time.

The silence, when I observe it, is flowing, often vibrant. It’s inexplicably comforting. Within it, I am never alone.

Upside Down. Silberra Pan 200, Leica M6 TTL.
Morning Light. Fomapan 400, Contax G2.