The Flip Side

1 min read by Leon Chan.
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“The Flip Side.” Shot on Kodak Gold 200 with Olympus OM-10.

This photo was taken at one of the back alleys behind Orchard Road in Singapore. Like Rodeo Drive in the US, Orchard Road is a shopping district with all things fancy and the biggest brands you can name or think of.

I used to work along this side of town. During my daily commute I’d pass a prestigious watch shop: a dazzling venue decked out in red velvet. The staff, a pair of handsomely-dressed lads, looking impressive and aloof.

Months after I left the job, I am on a photowalk with my brand new OM-10. As I am making my way through the narrow side-streets, I see the lads from the fancy watch shop, still wearing the impressive suits, carrying folded cardboard boxes under the sweltering sun.