Snyder Quarry

Granite Aggregate Operations

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The Snyder Quarry is located in South Western Oklahoma in the town of Granite, Oklahoma. With the nifty Holga 120n and a roll of Ilford’s Black and White HP5 Plus 120mm, a field trip to the granite quarry was going to make for some great film shots. These photographs were taken during the Fall of 2019.

Cattapillar hauling aggregate fresh off the quarry face.

Quarry trucks are quite astonishing. Their tires alone are taller than the pickup truck we were in driving around.

Refining/sorting area of the quarry.

Everything from concrete mixtures to construction foundations to road mixes, aggregate is a widely used raw material mined from the earth.

Accidental Double Exposure.

The Holga has such a long winding process that if you don’t roll to the next frame immediately, the likelihood of remembering to do it later is pretty slim. I had framed and shot this myself, and then had a classmate take a shot of me out there. I had forgotten to wind the roll to the next frame during that period of time. Though this does make for a pretty interesting effect.

Aggregate Belts.

I believe the above shot was taken as we were driving, hence the uniform motion blur of the photograph.

Looking down at the belts from the quarry road above.
Quarry Entrance.
“Left Hand Traffic” Reminder.

Since the quarry walls were on the left-hand side as one drove up, and the aggregate belts were on the left-hand side as one drove down, left-handed traffic makes the most sense.

Basaltic intrusion cutting across quarry face.

A black basaltic intrusion can be seen cutting across the rock wall from the bottom left to the upper right.

I hope you enjoyed viewing a granite quarry through the eyes of the Holga!

Aggregate loading machine.