Naked Photos

Graphic Experiments Amid Covid-19

3 min read by Justino Lourenço.
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The winter strikes. The night falls. A blurry window, a keyhole looking out. The cold, desolate street with just one sigh left among the quivering trees.

The hellish plague affrights us. Impelling us to choose between the loneliness indoors and the pestilence of outdoors.

Printed photography is hope; a perspective, a landscape or a portrait that betrays the dead. Print survives time, it keeps an empty wall alive. Astonishing how all those chemicals and light can deliver a slice of the perpetual reality with a click of a camera.

Hoping to refocus my mind onto something other than the pandemic, I decided to print.

Different cameras, several films, simple optical filters blended to make an image. And another, plus a few more. I wasn’t afraid to experiment, which helped, neither am I afraid to share my unedited “naked” creations: