Instant Film Dimensions

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All current instant film dimensions and image areas.

Many infographics that compare modern instant film dimensions are grossly inaccurate. The numbers they show do not coincide with manufacturer specifications.

The specs can be easily found on the Polaroid and Fujifilm websites; however, neither of those brands mentions the others’ sizes. Plus, the sizes are listed inconsistently — either in cm, mm, or inches (even when the brands describe their own films on the same page).

Those infographics also omit films, which isn’t necessary as there are only seven instant film formats in production today.

This repository of instant film dimensions is made to fix this for anyone looking to compare image and frame sizes as well as true image areas. It uses consistent units and shows links to sources of those dimensions.

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All instant films, ranked by image area:

All instant films that are currently in production are ranked below by total image area in mm². I list the dimensions in mm and inches (with×height), accurate to two decimal places (omitting zeroes).

Polaroid 8x10: 45,790mm² (241×190mm or 9.5×7.5”)

ONE INSTANT: 9,180mm² (108×85mm or 4.25×3.35”)

Instax WIDE: 6,138mm² (99×62mm or 3.9×2.44”)

Polaroid 600/SX-70/i-Type: 6,062mm² (76.80×78.94mm or 3.02×3.11”)

Instax SQUARE: 3,844mm² (62×62mm or 2.44×2.44”)

Instax MINI: 2,852mm² (46×62mm or 1.81×2.44”)

Polaroid Go: 2,162mm² (46×47mm or 1.81×1.85”)

The links will take you to the manufacturer’s website where the dimensions were sourced from. Note that Polaroid’s image dimensions on the page where they sell the film are incorrect (I measured mine with a calliper to confirm). Thus the source for the above list is their help page.

All integral instant films, ranked by total frame size.

Integral instant film comes with a frame that encapsulates the emulsion. This is the most common type of instant film. This list ranks all instant film sold today by the total area of the frame (with×height).

Polaroid 600/SX-70/i-Type: 9,512mm² (88.47×107.52mm or 3.48×4.23”)

Instax WIDE: 9,288mm² (108×86mm or 4.25×3.39”)

Instax SQUARE: 6,192mm² (72×86mm or 2.83×3.39”)

Instax MINI: 4,644mm² (54×86mm or 2.13×3.39”)

Polaroid Go: 3,589mm² (53.9×66.6mm or 2.12×2.62”)

How does instant film compare to roll and sheet film formats by area?

All instant film is larger by area than full-frame 35mm film format (its exposure area is just 24×36mm).

Medium format film can make a variety of image sizes, depending on the camera. All exposure areas on medium format are typically 56mm tall with common widths varying from 42mm to 67mm. However, there are panoramic cameras that can have exposure areas up to 17mm-wide.

The smallest medium format exposure area (645/56×42mm) is larger than Polaroid Go but smaller than Instax MINI at 2,352mm².

The square medium format exposure area (6x6/56×56mm) is larger than Polaroid Go and Instax MINI but smaller than Instax SQUARE and Polaroid 600/SX-70/i-Type  film.

Large format film’s exposure area is typically considered to be anything bigger than 90×120mm, which surpasses all but the 8x10 Polaroid film.

There are other formats, such as 65×90mm (e.x., Voigtländer Avus) which fall between the large and medium formats. The 6.5x9 Avus would make an exposure area smaller than Polaroid 600/SX-70/i-Type  film cameras.

Where to buy instant film.

ONE INSTANT pack film is sold exclusively at their shop. As of this writing, it costs €49 for three shots.

Polaroid film is sold at many stores, including their own website. While not exactly cheap, its price remained stable in the past five years. Affiliate links: Polaroid Go, Polaroid 600, Polaroid SX-70, Polaroid i-Type, Polaroid 8x10 (more options below).

Instax film is also widely available. It’s the cheapest option. Affiliate links: Instax MINI, Instax SQUARE, Instax WIDE (more options below).

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