Hexie Hao

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Daydreaming — Beijing

Hexie Hao, literally harmony, is the graphic story of a journey across China to the soundtrack of the constant, crazy rhythm of eponymous trains.

By the window, daydreaming for hours, I saw the miles of countryside rolling by, speckled by thousands of inhabited blocks.

Abandoning my steel mount to the rhythm of the stops, I paced behind the scenes of this great show, losing myself in the fury and the extreme contrasts of the Chinese megacities, and carried away by the raw beauty of landscapes.

From Beijing to Shanghai, through the rice terraces of Longji and Pingyao, the silver salts will forever preserve the beautiful moments of this initiatory trip.

The sun salutation — Shanghai
Within the Financial District — Shanghai
Under the rain — Beijing
Lost signals — Beijing
Waiting II — Shanghai
One education — Pingyao
By the window — Xi‘an
Uncle Mao — Beijing
I-meeting — Shanghai
The Fish Market — Beijing
Jeanneke-Pis — Guilin
The ripples — Guilin