Film Photography Website Shortlist

My 8 Favorite Blogs, a (Web) App, and a Wiki

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This is a list of film photography websites I regularly seek out. I recommend you visit them at least once:

Analog News — a live feed of the latest articles from film photography blogs, curated by Gego. Analog News updates its content automatically/periodically with an approximate delay of about 24 hours. This shouldn’t matter as most content there is evergreen.

If you want to curate your own RSS feed of websites, you may do so as well. I use the free version of Feedly, where you can find all but one of the websites listed here. Or you can follow Analog News’ RSS feed to entrust the job to Gego with an RSS reader of your choice.

Casual Photophile — one of the most popular film photography blogs on the web. James Tocchio & co’s articles are well-written, furnished with high-res images, and published with no ads (some ads on the homepage).

35mmc — is also very popular. It’s thoroughly edited, well-curated, and always a pleasure to end up on during research.

Learn Film Photography — a comprehensive, growing resource of practical knowledge for film photographers. Daren (its founder) and I live in the same city and meet occasionally.

Shoot It With Film — a diverse resource of insightful reviews, guides, and beautiful photo essays. Shoot It With Film grew quickly in the past two years which I know is well-deserved. You may also signup for their premium features and courses — although I haven’t tried them.

PetaPixel — this website is one of the most popular destinations on the web when it comes to photography in general. I visit them often to learn about what’s new in the wider world of imaging — not just film.

Kosmo Foto — Stephen Dowling’s blog is my PetaPixel of film photography. It’s usually the first to report on a new film, camera, chemistry, or accessory launch.

My Favourite Lens — a comprehensive list of lens and film reviews. I really enjoy Lee’s writing style and I like his photography. Lee and I sometimes chat online; we met once as ex-pats in Asia.

Camerapedia Wiki — whenever I’m about to write a camera review, I visit this Wikipedia-like project dedicated to storing specs and short, descriptive summaries for an enormous amount of film cameras.

Mike Eckman — publishes exhaustive reviews that often include history and detailed, easy-to-read spec summaries. No ads on his website.

This list is short enough for me to remember and recite effortlessly. Any longer and I’d have to keep notes somewhere, which is not how I browse the web. I hope that my decision to keep it brief is helpful in the context of an overwhelming wealth of resources for film photographers.