CineStill 400D for 4x5 Large Format Film Cameras

Now Shipping Worldwide! Launch Info and High-Res Samples

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CineStill 400D is a new¹ high-resolution medium-contrast colour film that was first announced in March 2022 and has since been widely available in 35mm and medium format worldwide. It features extremely fine grain with an ISO400 box speed for C-41 development, accurate colour reproduction, and the characteristic halation you may expect from CineStill-branded emulsions.

Now available in 4x5.

Starting today, CineStill 400D is available for 4x5 large format film cameras. While the plans to make this film available in sheet form have been known since launch (it was offered as one of the options), this April 5th announcement pledges it a mainstay in the CineStill product catalogue². In other words, anyone can buy it (on and at photographic retailers as it becomes available) and it will remain in production for the foreseeable future.

4x5 400D packs include 25 sheets. They are currently listed for $110, which is noticeably cheaper than other large format colour options (like Kodak Portra, selling for $50-80 per 10 sheets).

The launch of CineStill 400D in 4x5 format is a testament to the incredible support we received during the 400D FILM MAKER Campaign in 2022, where the community rallied behind the idea of bringing a new 400 ISO color film to large format, as well as the standard 35mm and 120 formats. This expansion of our product line not only meets the demands of the passionate film community but also invites new photographers to explore the creative possibilities of large format photography with CineStill's unique characteristics.

— Steve Carter, Head of Marketing & Outreach at CineStill.

This is the first large format CineStill film product — a welcome addition to the least varied yet still popular selection of sheet films. It took four years to get to this point — from 2018 (R&D, testing, campaign, then smaller formats) until now.

You can find my review of CineStill 400D (in 35mm) on Analog.Cafe. You can also download three high-res digital negative samples of CineStill 400D (21MB, 1,330 × 2,000px, 16 bit per channel) here.


400D in 4x5 has a thinner than usual film base (~5-mil thick acetate base, compared to the typical ~7-mil polyester), which may require extra care when loading.

¹ — Many photographers assume that CineStill 400D is identical to Kodak Vision 250D with the rem-jet removed (the results you may get from both films do look comparable). But this is not the case. The availability of 400D in large format should be taken as strong evidence against that assumption (there’s no motion picture film wide enough to be cut into 4x5 sheets). Even in 35mm, 400D includes an anti-static layer, which, in combination with the lack of rem-jet, makes it acceptable by all labs and free of static discharges — something you can not have with pre-processed & re-spooled 250D.

CineStill does not hide the fact that their 50D and 800T emulsions are based on Kodak motion picture film. 400D is likely a direct collaboration between the Kodak Rochester plant with CineStill that allows the companies to make changes to existing emulsions at the production stage.

² — A quote from CineStill’s April 5th press release.

Sample images.

These photos are my favourite selections from CineStill’s press link. I will add more as new uploads drop over the next two weeks.

The files provided are 1920~1930px wide. I recommend viewing them on a larger screen with a decent internet connection and the GOLD membership which unlocks up to 4K up-sampling.

You may’ve noticed some slight halation in the upper-right corner above, though it appears relatively subdued on this larger format, especially when compared to the 35mm samples.