Bare by Light

2 min read by Jackie Jack.
Sidewalk. New York. Diana Mini, Ultrafine Xtreme.
Benches. New York. Olympus Pen FT, Ultrafine Xtreme.

Light hammers the city. It pounds the buildings, the streets and the people with their fragile lives into an abstract backdrop. Light illuminates, detaches, and exposes its subjects as raw, primal figures of their habitat. The burning shadows solder the human figures into the hollow sets, making them one.

These photos are my visual narrative. They are my reflection of memories, identities, fear, tension, and alienation that I witness through my camera.

These photos are the reflection of me.

Lobby. Sidewalk. New York. Olympus AX, Kodak Tri-X.
Three men. Tree. New York. Olympus AX, Kodak Tri-X.
Benches. Seaside. New York. Olympus Pen FT, Kodak Tri-X.