Back to Nature

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In this portrait series, I’m focusing on the connection with nature that we have as humans.

The model wearing neutral tones likens to the dark and gloomy weather, which may seem dull at first, but if you look closely, you’ll notice details that contradict that pathetic fallacy.

We tend to call the weather “bad” when the sun is hidden behind clouds. And we tend to stay indoors during those days, upset. But the weather, being a living thing, can be moody, just like us. I don’t like to think of moody weather as “bad weather,” it’s simply revealling its personality to us.

I planned a shoot on a hike in the English countryside. My model and I would submerge in the so-called “bad weather.” And to our surprise, we had a great time! We enjoyed the light rain; it was a unique, refreshing experience.

Shot on Canon EOS 1000FN with Kodak Gold 200. Model: Rebecca Lunn.