A Film Case Story

Or How I Found Out if I Actually *Need* a Film Case

2 min read by Dmitri.
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Film cases began popping up on the market about two years ago. Japan Camera Hunter was one of the first brands to offer them. From then on, it seemed like anyone with manufacturing capabilities began to sell those — including Kodak.

The simple tech isn’t new — eBay is full of vintage Kodak film cases.

I shrugged off the new accessory trend until Take gifted me one when we hung out during one of the COVID summers — when the infections were low, and I felt safe meeting people again.

35mm film canisters are pretty sturdy — you could throw these into your backpack without worrying about anything happening to them. Nevertheless, I was happy with the gift and began using it immediately.

Suddenly, I had five extra rolls with me wherever I went. The danger of running low on film in the field became non-existent, and I could choose the appropriate stock for the light/mood/weather. The case felt much better in my inner jacket pocket than those loose 35mm canisters. It was rather useful.

Unfortunately, during my latest flight to visit my parents, I lost all the film that wasn’t inside a camera at the airport. On it, I had shots of my old college campus and the bar where I met my wife. The case was part of the lost stash, adding to my devastation.

Having used my gifted JCH film case for a few months, I now miss it. It was a convenience that I wish I had on my photo walks. While not necessarily essential for my workflow, I wish to have it back.

So excuse me while I leave this tab and “add to cart.”

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