A Day in a Life of A-

An Indefinite Project Documenting Lives of Cornwall

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Cornwall is the most southerly county in the UK, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. For those of us who live and work here, it’s a very special place, and for those who visit, they long to live where we do. The county and the surrounding area is very rural. Cornwall is unlike any other county in the UK.

There isn’t a day when I’m not thinking of my next photo adventure. I document some of them here though something as extensive and personal as A Day in a Life of A gets its own website along with a large proportion of my time.

This particular project involves meeting people from all over Cornwall, requiring deliberate research and planning.

The subjects are individuals who work alone and willing to reveal themselves through photographs. I’m interested in finding people living interesting, unusual lives. Like a ninety-year-old car collector, Ken, with a fantastically photogenic face. Or Megan, a tattoo artist with an avid passion for what she does.

A Day in a Life of A isn’t about promoting businesses; it’s a personal account of peoples’ lives.

There are no deadlines to follow, though I tend to finish each feature in a matter of weeks. The only constraint is scheduling around commercial photography jobs.

No money is made from A day in a Life of A, I do it for the love of it.

I shoot film whenever possible on location. I think it adds something that digi doesn’t; depth and grain. However, for variety’s sake and visual interest, I am adding digital images, taken on Leica Q. As for analogue, Hasselblad 500CM and Leica M6 along with rolls of expired film make the rest of the photographs. I love shooting old stock; Velvia, Provia — very unique and beautiful emulsions, even years past the expiry.

So far, the experience has been very positive. Everyone involved loves being a part of it; I hope to pursue it indefinitely.

Should you like to learn a little more about the project and watch it grow, check out the website, as well as @coastallives on Instagram and @aditloa on Twitter. RD