A Better Way

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Note from the editor.

This is the final photo essay from the series, which I hope gives you a visual understanding of how enormous our cities have grown and help you imagine the amount of impact on our planet that they bring about.

Being human requires consumption, which we often augment and enhance with our infrastructure. No matter how “eco-friendly” the products and services that we buy are labeled, they always take something away from the planet. It is in our power, however, to choose, promote, and demand options that bring about the least damage to the environment.


Singapore’s roads are always busy even at night time.
Our traffic never stops.
Car sharing is encouraged throughout the city to help with congestion caused by five-seat vehicles with a single person at the wheel.
Public transport is one of the key ways our city battles inefficiency and pollution.

Singapore has one of the best public transportation systems in the world. The city would not be able to cope with traffic and the pollution that it causes without the subway and bus systems which transport the people efficiently. This is a critical service that keeps the country alive.

We keep our trains clean and accessible so that they feel like a privilege to use, rather than a reluctant option to owning a car.
And the busses, too.