La Floraison

Book Review

2 min read by Dmitri.
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About a year ago, Chi made a limited edition zine (I’m calling it a book) that got sold out within a week. I’m a happy owner of the numbered edition 21/50.

Her work was published in an eighteen-page perfect-bound booklet wrapped in a folded cover. Printed in full colour on coated bright-white paper stock, weighing around 40lb; the cover is probably 60lb. There is no text other than a short hand-written message from Chi.

I know Chi as someone who photographs flowers on film. The subject may seem banal at first until you’ve seen the magic that she’s able to bring out in every picture she makes public. Some of her work can be found on this website, though she spends most of her time posting on Instagram.

Chi is the woman who has, in a way, introduced me to the possibilities of a film camera before Analog.Cafe was a thing. Her photography carries strong emotional content that I’ve since learned to seek in other peoples’ work — and my own.

Of course, I recommend this book to anyone who can find it. However, given the ultra-short run and the long sold-out status of this publication, you may not get that chance. Instead, I hope that this short read serves as a historical record of sorts and an inspiration to print and seek more zines.

Or perhaps you may be able to convince her to print again; that way, you’ll be doing both of us a favour!