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By sending a submission, using Analog.Cafe website and the Composer tool, you are agreeing to the following rules:

Anyone who submits text, format, and images for publication on Analog.Cafe, using the above-mentioned Composer tool and submission page will be referred to here as an Author. Format is a layout of the submission work (links, highlights, quotes, how the images arranged, etc.) “Work” and “submission” are used interchangeably, meaning the same thing: uploading the text, format, and images to Analog.Cafe owned and/or rented servers. Editor(s) are the people or person who have provided edits to the submission and have the right and capacity to publish the work on Analog.Cafe website.

Authors retain the complete copyright of their work. By submitting their work they give Analog.Cafe the right to exhibit it in accordance to the terms listed below.

Release & Withdrawal. By submitting text, format, and images work Authors give Analog.Cafe full, non-exclusive permission to exhibit it online on this website and any other location representing this website (such as social accounts, other websites offline printed and display medium etc). Authors’ work may be included (same general function as “retweeting” on Twitter or “sharing” on Facebook or any other social network) within other Authors’ submissions with a link to the first Author’s profile on Analog.Cafe when clicked on an image and in the title of the post. Authors are giving Analog.Cafe and the Authors of Analog.Cafe the right to use their work in such manner (Analog.Cafe will make reasonable effort to ensure that all of such actions are respectful and in good faith, up to discretion of Analog.Cafe editors). Authors are also granting Analog.Cafe Editors the permission to modify the submissions (cropping, colour and quality adjustments as well as copy editing and visual decorations). Authors are free to request an immediate withdrawal of the work at any time via email (see About page for contact info). We will comply as soon as possible or within two weeks of request; images which are used within other posts or are “suggested” images will take longer to remove (up to 30 days), since we’ll be forced to make arrangements that would satisfy all the Authors and Editors who have used that material. Analog.Cafe also reserves the right to remove Authors’ work at any time at Editors’ discretion.

Exclusivity. Authors’ work is being exhibited on a non-exclusive basis, unless otherwise specified. This means that you are free to continue submitting it to any other gallery or website that you wish.

Watermarks. If an Author chooses to place watermarks on images, their aesthetics will be considered by Analog.Cafe Editor. Meaning that tasteful, well-designed (this is up to Analog.Cafe Editor’s discretion) watermarks may be acceptable; badly-designed, obstructive (this is up to Analog.Cafe Editor’s discretion) watermarks might diminish Authors’ works’ chances to be accepted.

Admission. There are no submission fees and no monetary compensation to the person submitting unless otherwise specified. Analog.Cafe editors select and publish submissions that they feel are a good fit – and reserve the right to decline any and all submissions. Analog.Cafe gives no guarantee or promise of any kind that a submission will be accepted, kept, or published.

All copy-editing and touch-up work is done at Analog.Cafe Editors’ discretion. Analog.Cafe may or may not accept Authors’ edit requests; all edits are done for the benefit of a good overall presentation of the whole magazine, rather than just one piece. Analog.Cafe staff has limited time and resources, please keep that in mind when making requests.

Submissions which have not been accepted are subject to being deleted from our servers within a month of such decision. This is a manual action and isn’t a rule or a guarantee.

Spam and any submissions deemed unacceptible or inappropriate are subject to immediate deletion and the Author’s account is a subject to suspension or banning.

Terms of Use

These terms of use apply to all Authors, users, and visitors to Analog.Cafe website, including authors of software that downloads and/or interprets any part of this website.

Copyright. The design, code, and all working aspects of this website, as well as the way Authors’ work is presented is an intellectual property, the copyright of which belongs to Analog.Cafe, or its creator, Dmitri Tcherbadji, with an exception of edits made by editors other than Dmitri, in which case all copyright for these edits made by the editor specifically belongs to Analog.Cafe and the editor. Copy edits associated with Author’s post, the brand name, font combinations and all design decisions regarding presenting Author’s work belong to Analog.Cafe and Dmitri Tcherbadji.

Links to Authors’ work. All links directed outside of Analog.Cafe website will be set to “no-follow,” unless otherwise agreed-on.

Guarantees and data storage. Analog.Cafe does not provide any guarantee of service, it is presented to all Authors, editors, visitors, and users as-is. We are doing our best to keep all of the data as safe as reasonably possible, but there may be cases when issues may arise, which may cause loss and damage of Authors’ work or personal account holders (users who have a public or private profile registered on Analog.Cafe website). Analog.Cafe cannot take responsibility for these events. Analog.Cafe reserves the right to delete irrelevant, offensive content at the discretion of editors. Additionally, Analog.Cafe may delete, ban, or block abusive users.

All Authors, users, and visitors to Analog.Cafe website, including authors of software that downloads and/or interprets any part of this website must confine usage to the intended user interface, rendered by a web browser and without plugins, devices, tools, or software that can alter its function in a way that distorts the presentation, data, sounds, or any information provided by Analog.Cafe website. Prohibited use includes attempts to connect to the JSON API service and attempts to alter the behaviour of the website outside of its intended use for all or any persons.

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By using the Analog.Cafe Website you certify that you are the owner of the copyrights or have a permission to use in the context all the images, text, files or other intellectual property that you submit to Analog.Cafe, and that you agree to the above terms, conditions and benefits.