Monochrome magazine $19 on Etsy.

Monochrome is a hand-made community magazine documenting the beautiful, private, and uncanny scenes from the fourteen photographers’ homes. This printed issue is a memento of the year 2020, and the events that changed our modern lives forever.

Monochrome features lots of film photography, plus a few short stories, spread over 50 pages in black and white. Printed, bound, and packaged by-hand on sustainably-sourced 32lb 8½x11” paper inside of even thicker cover fibre. The pages are stapled together 3x for maximum durability and wrapped in hand-sliced black textured cardstock around the spine. This mag comes with an undeniable hand-made feel, and the quality matching that of pro shops.

Buy on Etsy $19

All proceeds are donated to charity.

Moscow Dayze book Summer 2021.

How often do you visit your childhood home? Is it still yours, does it belong to someone new, or is it gone?

This book tells the story of visiting “home” after twenty years abroad. It explores the conflict within an immigrant’s heart, reminded of a long-lost former self.

The images, carefully laid out along the 74 pages of a hand-bound, home-printed black and white photobook tell the story of this visit.

Each copy is printed on sustainably-sourced paper stock with custom, carefully-selected weights for inner pages, the cover, and certain inner pages. It will be packed and sent with zero plastic.

Summer 2021 — Get Notified

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